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The People in the Berecochea/Yribarren Family Reunion

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The folks gathered in San Diego in August 2005 for the Berecochea / Yribarren family reunion are related through two sisters  - Sebastiana and Francisca - two of Bernardo Yribarren and Fermina Urrizola’s children. The parents married on August 28, 1873 in San Raman, Osa, Navarra, Spain.  Francisca married Seraphin Berecochea, probably around 1889. They had three children: Edward Joseph, Mary Francis and Frank William.


Ed Berecochea changed his surname to Berry. He and his wife, Gladys Bebeau, gave birth to four children.  Their fourth child, Lance Berry is here today, with his wife, Kathy Long.


Mary Francis Berecochea married Oscar Krommer and they had four children.  Their first born, Sister Pat Krommer is here. Their second Barbara Krommer, married Richard Anctil and she is here.  Their fourth, Judy Krommer also is here.


Frank Berecochea married Gladys Toogood. They had four children. Three are here at the reunion: Gloria, John and Mike, who were born in that order. 


Gloria Berecochea married Aldo Bottini and they are here. Their children, Mike and Steve, are here.  First born, Mike Bottini married Susie Prato. Both of their children, Mikie and Joey, also are here.  Steve Bottini and his daughter, Franny are here. Steve’s girlfriend, Kallithea ,is here too.


Mike Berecochea and his wife, Janet are here as well.  Mike Berecochea Jr. and his wife, Tammie Marsh are here with both of their children, Hunter and Laci.


John Berecochea and his partner, Jerry Ondercin are here too


Sebastiana Yribarren married Martin Espinal.  Their son, Mike Espinal, married Clorinda Grosettil, and they gave birth to three children.  Their daughter, Sister Virginia Espinal is here.



The words of: John Berecochea

Thank You John & Jerry

You pulled it off


What new memories we have

How the reunion unfolded


As the Berecochea, Anctil, Bottini, Berry, Espinal, Krommer family members arrived in San Diego, they found their way to their temporary abodes and eventually to the park Friday evening for the first of many weekend gatherings for a picnic on the grass.  The younger ones expended their leftover energy playing while some of the older ones tried to find some solace from the trip by sitting on a blanket and visiting with family members they had not seen in as many as 45 years.  Family came from Oregon, Texas, Arizona and California for the weekend.  Jerry did a great job of setting up and procuring the picnic goodies.  We were entertained by a musical concert in the park.  Saturday during  the day more stories and family pictures were shared by the hotel pools and restaurants.  Saturday evening we all (23 strong) went to the Prado Restaurant in Balboa Park for a family dinner.  Sunday we were treated to a Sunday Brunch at John and Jerry’s where we had picnic leftovers (yummy stuff).  Lance gave an opening for the reunion (2 days after it started, better late than never) and Pat gave the closing.  The highlight of the brunch was the short bio’s each person gave of themselves.  There was a  lot of laughter, and a few tears flowed as well.  We all picked up some information about our family we did not know.  It then was time to say good-bye (for now).  The reunion was very emotional , gratifying and loads of fun.



The words of: Lance Berry

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Friday, August 5, 2005 at the park

Saturday, August 6, 2005 in Balboa Park

Sunday, August 7, 2005 at John & Jerry’s